Welcome to my blog...

One of the many reasons I started a blog

Well I finally did it... It was a long time coming. I have wanted to start my own Cyber Security blog for quite some time now.

I have seen others with a blog and I wanted to do the same. Seeing the potential of tracking personal progress over time and documenting the learning process by witnessing your own personal growth.

When you jot down your experiences regularly, it’ll help you accomplish your personal goals and eventually become a better version of yourself. A personal portfolio to showcase hard work, consistency and security findings.

Also, writing about your achievements and passions can elevate your mood and boost self-esteem and also help others in the process of their own journeys and learning process.

A little about myself

I have a passion for all things Hacking, Tech, Health, Music and more.

I have recently completed my ElearnSecurity eJPT certificate which I may do a write up for in the future. (Very fun and challenging)

Currently In the process of studying for ElearnSecurity's eCPPT certificate then on my way to do my Offensive Security OSCP exam.

Stay tuned more to come.

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